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6 Ways to Level up Your Cooking Skills

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Cooking is a skill that grows and improves with practice. Nobody is a fantastic cook from the beginning. One has to start with a lot of trial and error. After a few successes and a lot of failures, in the beginning, a novice cook becomes better at preparing meals. Last week, we shared some sweet and savory, Diwali recipes with you, and at the end of this series, we would ensure that you make these recipes perfectly on your first try.

Here are 6 tips to accelerate your cooking skills, one level up.

1. Take it slow

Patience is the key to your success in cooking. Remember, cooking is not a quick sprint. It is a marathon that needs a lot of work and patience. Whether you slowly add ingredients to a recipe instead of throwing them away all at once or patiently wait for the dough to rise, taking the time to get things right can make a big difference in how your meal turns out. Allowing the meat to come to room temperature before placing it in the pan softens the protein a bit and makes it more tender after cooking. Luckily, with enough practice, it becomes easier to plan your meals so that you can prepare them all at once.

2. Practice makes cooking perfect

Cooking at home will help you improve your skills. Choose recipes that appeal to you and cook them yourself. As you improve your cooking skills, try meals that incorporate new skills you haven't tried before. Don't be scared to experiment with recipes in order to personalize them. Experiment with several cuisines to see what suits your style and taste. For example, you could make Italian food one night, Mexican food the next, and your own take on hamburgers the night after.

3. Spice up the dishes

Just because you don't like your food to burn doesn't mean you should avoid peppers completely. Used in the right proportions, a little bit of spice can add serious complexity to an otherwise bland recipe. Find your balance.

4. Bring sharp knives to the battle

While it may seem paradoxical, the best bet in the kitchen is a sharp knife. However, sharpening your knives does more than just protect your fingers. Sharp knives also make accurate cuts simpler, resulting in more tender meat, thinner, more evenly-cooked vegetables in your stir-fry, and more precisely-sliced pie.

5. To overcook or not to overcook

It's critical not to overwork your dough. When you overwork your dough when baking, you are squeezing away the air pockets that make meals light and fluffy. Instead, combine all of the ingredients until thoroughly combined, and then let the dough sit at room temperature before putting it in the oven.

6. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

Cooking is a science. So, experiment with different foods to develop your own recipes. Making your own particular dishes is part of the fun of becoming a chef. Once you're comfortable with standard ingredients, experiment with recipes to make them your own. Take chances in order to develop something really fresh! Begin by modifying an existing recipe to create something new. Then, without following a recipe, try combining ingredients. Some of your creations will be edible, while others will not. Don't give up because this is typical.

Another way to become better at cooking is by using an app like Klynk. Klynk connects the scattered dots in the kitchen and solves cooking-related challenges. The app has multiple recipes that can be cooked in guided mode, you can create quick grocery shopping lists directly from the recipes, and plan your weekly meals to organize your foodie life more effectively.

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