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Connecting the dots in your cooking journey - One link at a time

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Solving the endless complications in cooking

Most of us are afraid of cooking - afraid of messing it up - so we don’t even try. Then, there are those who can follow a recipe, but only if they stick closely to it. Time scarcity is the biggest reason we rely on restaurants, and takeouts, often compromising our desire to pursue a healthier diet. Cooking in itself isn’t that difficult, but it’s a skill that needs to be mastered. Not having a sense of proportion, not knowing when to add the seasoning - in the beginning, or in the end, not preparing the required ingredients since the start, re-running to grocery stores - too many steps - the waiting - the patience - and then, one missed step changes the taste, and the hard work goes in vain. Calling these challenges kitchen nightmares would be an understatement.

Gaining confidence in cooking takes time. But what if there are ways to build confidence while you cook, with precision the first time? All the cooks have been collecting these dots - the scattered challenges for a long time. Now, Klynk has connected them for you - saving your time, efforts, and skills while building your confidence in cooking with Klynk - without any hassle.

But why? - For the love of food.

With Klynk, we empower cooks of all levels to do more than they were doing before, by helping them build confidence in the kitchen to be able to cook any dish of their liking, and by enabling them to plan meals smarter. Klynk’s mission is to assist cooks in having a pleasant and stress-free time in the kitchen preparing meals for their loved ones.

Connecting all the dots in the kitchen

From planning to preparing a meal to eating healthy, Klynk aims to connect all the scattered dots in the kitchen. Whether you are preparing meals to find relaxation on a busy day or want to master it, Klynk assists you in planning meals to cook delicious recipes, and aims to solve the challenges in the kitchen. Klynk exists to give you a seamless cooking experience, by making home cooking smarter, more convenient, and more enjoyable through our App, Platform & appliances. The brand cuts down the time and effort required in cooking and at the same time, it enables cooks to prepare a wide range of recipes in the comfort of their homes.

Shopping List that makes collaboration fun

A grocery shopping list helps you stick to your routine, diet, preferences, and budget even if you shop from home. A pre-prepared shopping list determines and drives our behavior at the grocery store. Whether you are going to be confused or quick, a shopping list helps you along the way. Using the Klynk app, you can create shopping lists and plan and prepare meals easily with a few clicks and avoid a return trip to the grocery store. Keeping you organized, the shopping list helps you save a lot of time and effort.

Discover recipes and make grocery shopping list with a click and shop easily
Grocery shopping list

You can prepare fun, quick, and intuitive lists, share them with your family, partner, or flatmates, sync and stick to your meal plans, collaborate in real-time, and eat healthier every time. You can save more time, effort, and energy, and access what your loved ones want to eat in one place—no need to go to the refrigerator and seek a pencil to note down your lists. You can get in and out of the grocery store faster.

Meal Planner to make your life more organized

Planning meals together with your family brings you closer to them in a meaningful way. Spending time to plan meals together results in a healthier diet plan and less frequent use of fast-food restaurants. But it takes time to plan your meal and it’s challenging. When you enter a kitchen and look at all the ingredients arranged chaotically, getting overwhelmed with confusion is a natural response.

Discover recipes and plan meals ahead and cook easily and eat new recipes everyday
Meal Plan

Klynk guides you in being in the kitchen and at the supermarket more systematically and creatively with fellow foodies, making your cooking experiences entertaining daily. Having a meal plan in front of you reduces mental effort. The complexity of meal planning is reduced with a few clicks in the app. With Klynk’s meal planner, you invest time effectively in planning the week’s meals.

Cooking with precision in Guided-cooking mode

When you have the confidence to prepare these recipes, you tend to purchase a greater variety of ingredients and have a wider variety of nutrients. Learning to cook a new recipe boosts confidence. It enables you to choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself & your loved ones.

Discover new and favorite recipes and cook at home with simple guided recipe steps

Klynk’s guided cooking feature builds up your confidence in cooking by simplifying the complexities of meal planning & preparation. Simply put, it declutters your mind. You don’t have to memorize complex recipes. Most importantly, it assists in making your days effortlessly entertaining. You can have a stress-free time in the kitchen by cooking in guided mode. You don’t need to second-guess a step while cooking.

Cook it your way

If you can cook something different with the same ingredients every day, why not make your meals a continuation of your creativity and personality? You’re here to learn how to cook, not just what to cook. Klynk helps you in doing that and in becoming more mindful of the food you eat.

Explore delicious recipes at Klynk - a soon-to-be-home to an unimaginable abundance of food writing, bringing you the latest trends in the world of food every day. There are now new ways to cook your favorite dishes and create a community with like-minded people. Spice up your dinners and experience the joy of discovering new and healthy recipes every day with Klynk, while saving time, skill, and effort.


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