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Vegan Restaurants in India

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Established in 1994, every year on November 1st, vegans around the world celebrate World Vegan Day. Activities such as setting up stalls, holding potlucks, and planting memorial trees are used to highlight the benefits of veganism for individuals and the natural environment.

In India, interest in veganism is increasing. According to a survey conducted by YouGov in 2021, India ranks 3rd globally only behind the US and UK. Despite the interest, finding a fully vegan restaurant in India is difficult.

On this occasion, we wanted to compile a few of the vegan restaurants in India. We did not know it would be THAT difficult to come up with a list. We looked them up online and analyzed their Google reviews for the ambiance of the restaurant, pricing, and menu options - what the customers found great, and what they didn’t. We wish we could visit all the places someday, and get you our reviews of each of these places. For now, we have only listed the restaurants with their menu. Not all of them are fully vegan restaurants, but still, they have vegan cuisine on their menu.

Here are some of the restaurants in India with vegan options:

This restaurant comes equipped with a vegan menu and a small library for a voracious reader and foodie in you. This place is a perfect treat for vegans, which comes along with a lifestyle and wellness store with organic products, not to mention, a soul-nourishing ambiance.

Giving a fresh vibe of coolness and culture, Anokhi Café serves a small menu of homemade cakes, south-Indian coffee, chai, nimbu pani, freshly baked cakes, and biscuits with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. The menu offers seasonal, organic produce grown locally.

Though it is not a fully vegan restaurant, there is a variety of food items available for vegans. This place comes garnered with a variety of salads, toast, sandwiches, and burgers. You can also get Mexican and Tibetan food here - a combination that is not available in many parts of the country.

Ahimsa Vegan Café is a place with multicuisine vegan dishes in a white-walled cafe with photographs & a tranquil ambiance. Thai delight, tomato soup, mushroom, broccoli almond, pasta, and smoothie are some of their specialty dishes.

An atmospheric place to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can make your own super bowl with a blend of millet, quinoa, Mexican salad, pesto, and vegan tofu. There is a range of options for gluten-free items.

With a natural, rustic vibe to it, the place infuses a soothing ambiance along with a myriad range of flavorful options. Tulum Taco, Nachos, Avocado Lentils, and Chipotle Sweet Potatoes are some of the specialty dishes available here.

Start off your time here with coffee made with oat, almond, and soy to taste different kinds of milk. This place with its warm ambiance is a zero wastage café which means everything is served in reusable containers. Earlier known as Poets & Oats Café, there are many vegetarian items that can be found.

Located near Bandra West, in this café, you can find croquet, crepes & quintessentially French snacks. Some of the must-try items on their menu are Melted Belgian Chocolate Crepe, Seasonal Fruit Compote, and Apple Compote along with desserts, light treats, and salads.

With a range of unique and delectable items on the menu, the café has a cozy positive vibe amidst the view of an eye-pleasing garden. This place is a great introduction to vegan flavors for the nomadic traveler in you.

If you want to home-cook something vegan, there are many vegan recipes on the Klynk app as well. The app has multiple recipes that can be cooked in guided mode, you can create quick grocery shopping lists directly from the recipes, and plan your weekly meals to organize your foodie life more effectively.

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