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Never second guess a step with Guided mode

Step-by-step method of cooking like a PRO

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Recreate recipes
like a

Cut the time memorizing complex recipes.  Let guided parameters help you cook effortlessly.

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Recipes that
taste like home

Feast on food inspiration from around the world without compromising on the homely taste. Explore and recreate nostalgic dishes exactly the same.

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Build your confidence in cooking

Build your way from a can-hardly-boil-water beginner to a master cook.

Prep, gather and cook seamlessly.

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voice-over guidance

No need to stick to your phone screen at any step to follow recipes and cook conveniently. 

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Have a no-fuss time
in the kitchen

Rely on the guided mode cooking to help you at every step in the kitchen and cook without hassle.

The kitchen guide
you've been looking for!

Cook dishes exactly the way you want. 

Let guided cooking make you stay organized in the kitchen. 


Other benefits that we offer

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Shopping lists that help you avoid grocery re-runs

Schedule & track what
you eat with
Meal planner


by Futuristic labs

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